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My Harmony Portal

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What is My Harmony Portal? 
It is a secure pipeline between district's data and the learning applications that teachers and students use. My Harmony Portal Instant Login allows teachers and students to access all of the learning applications they use throughout the school day and at Home with a single username and password or a  badge(QR code), optimizing login time process. This process is called Single Sign On or SSO. Students can login to My Harmony Portal here.

How do I help my child log in to My Harmony Portal at home?

PreK-5th Grades
Students should use the new QR code to log in to My Harmony Portal: If students do not have access to devices with a camera, they can log in with the username
(Student Id Number) and password provided by their classroom teacher at the beginning if the year. Ask your child's teacher if the student forgot this password.

6th-12th Grades
They can go to, use their student Id number as Username and their own password defined when they claimed the account at the beginning of the year. If they forgot their password, they can recover it by clicking on "Forgot Password" link. For for Students with disabilities, their teacher can print QR code for them.


What is a QR Code Badge?  It is the perfect way for elementary students to get access to educational applications without having trouble typing or remembering complex passwords. A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that is readable by a computer/mobile camera. An example is shown below





How QR codes work? (applies to Laptop/Chromebook / Ipad /Android with enabled camera)

1. Students navigate to, then they click on Clever badge picture as shown below.


2. Click “Allow” in the browser prompt to give Clever access to their camera.
3. The webcam will activate and students should hold up their badge to the camera. Once the code is accepted, students will then be redirected to their Harmony Portal dashboard.

4. Once in the dashboard, student will see applications icons. They can click on target icon for example, Clever, Raz Kids, etc. See a student Dashboard example below:


myharmony portal student example.png
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